Pivotal to be reacquired by Dell family

Pivotal to be reacquired by Dell family of companies

On August 22, 2019, Pivotal entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by VMware.

I must have missed this when it came out. My reason for exiting it ages ago was because I felt that management had no idea how to run an independent company. While most of our companies’ managements had struggled through years of building their companies since inception, before their IPO’s, Pivotal had been a division of Dell for about 12 years as I remember, and simply had customers referred to it. It showed. They had no idea how to acquire new customers on their own, in spite of having good products. I remember a quarter when they acquired all of 15 new customers… In a quarter… In three months!

This is really just for your information and there is no point in discussing Pivotal any further on the board as it will no longer continue to exist. So please don’t continue this thread.