Please let's stop this nonsense!

I am going to delete Shukassian’s nonsense posts. They don’t belong on this board.

I am down every bit as much as the people he is feeling sorry for, the ones he wants me to misrepresent what I think about a company to.

People are scared so they are selling the companies that:

A - will do best in a recession (those with the semi “locked-in” recurring revenue that our SaaS companies have), and

B - will do best in this confrontation with Russia (companies selling cyber security). And they have recurring revenue too.

It makes no sense. It’s not rational and it will pass.

What I was scolded for was presenting the metrics of a company’s quarterly report. That’s what this board is for, for God’s Sake! So please let’s quit all this nonsense of talking about the market, and get back to talking about our companies.

Thanks for your cooperation.