I searched the board to see if there was any mention of this recently IPO’d company, but I couldn’t find anything.

I came across an article by Bert Hochfeld from July 9th, 2018 (…).

The article mentions a few interesting things:

  • they use independent authors under revenue sharing to generate content and can get a new course online in 4 months, a model that competitors (Lynda, and others) can’t match.

  • PluralSight seems to be considered the gold-standard for recruiters and HR

  • the runway is above 30% for some years to come, and guidance is probably set low.

The big concern is losses - they’re burning cash at a fast rate ($16 million June 2017, $30 million September 2017, $27 million December 2017).

There’s a good article here on their S-1 from their IPO:…

It mentions that 26% of their revenue was self-serve,

The quartery reports from operations can be found here:…

I started creating a table in this post, and then realized it was going to take time I don’t have right now.



Gah - in my editing, I removed out some key details.

The company offers cloud-based certification and training. They used to do in-classroom training, but the company has pivoted to being online.

There are many ways to learn online - LinkedIn Lynda, YouTube, Kahn Academy, etc - but PluralSight is marketing to large Fortune 500 companies (and is used by over 300 of them).

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