Poker on Zoom

I play in a regular poker game. Usually we play about once every few months at someone’s house. Since, everyone is sheltered in place, we can’t play out regular home game. Last night we played on PokerStars. We also used Zoom at the same time so we could all see and hear each other. The game went extremely well and we play for about 8 hours (until 3:30am). The Zoom call was clear, the video was great, and you could see everyone’s face (there were seven video images in a split screen) almost as if you were in the room. One of the players used for company’s corporate account so there was no 40 minute time limit. The only issue with the PokerStars play money platform is that the house takes 5% of the chips out of every winning hand. But one of the players programmed Excel to calculate these deductions based on the time the each player was in the game so we could calculate everyone’s winnings and losses at the end of the night. No dealer was required so the play went about 3-5x faster. No one needed any cash as we just PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle to settle up at the end.

With this shutdown, we all need to keep entertained. This format works really well especially since one of our players moved out of state and can now play with us again. Digital transformation is a thing. Work from home (and now play from home) are a thing that will probably be here to stay. People and the world is adapting and some of these adaptations will accelerate transformations that were happening anyway and others of these adaptations are leading to innovated ways of doing things that are in some ways better than the way we were doing them before.



Have a rec Chris. Very important post in more ways than one. Never seen so many posts on one Company on this board in such a concentrated time. Yet your thoughts about where we can take this going forward could be immense and something that occurred to me a few weeks back.

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I had a regular poker game but then several of the players moved out of town. We ended up doing the same thing Chris did and were all pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was to play on PokerStars with Zoom. I have even seen an update of the “Dogs Playing Poker” painting with a dog playing poker online while video chatting with the other dogs. So I assume it’s getting popular. I was hosting the Zoom conference using the free version (to see how it would work), but at the 30 minute mark, Zoom informed me that it will give me unlimited time for this meeting. When we ended the game, Zoom messaged me saying that if I pre-scheduled another meeting, they would give me unlimited time for that meeting. Since we thought the experience was great, I’m sure I can get everyone to chip in for the monthly fee going forward.

OT: Chris - we had the same issue with the rake so we play the tournaments. For the cash game, we thought we could calculate the fair value of everyone’s chips at the end if everyone buys in for the same amount and starts at the same time. But if someone adds to their buy in later that night, won’t those chips have more value than the others at the of the night?


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