Police have a theory about mysterious Fresno serial bombings

Sounds like some more wannabe Jan. 6th terrorists got caught with their hands inside the Fascist Right Meat Grinder. Good catch, Law Enforcement!

Police have a theory about mysterious Fresno serial bombings

Five suspects arrested after a series of seven bombings in Fresno, California, may be linked to white supremacy, law enforcement officials warned at a press conference.

Local police and FBI investigators are probing possible ties to extremist groups after Na3i flags, banners, hats and coffee mugs were found during raids of locations linked to the suspects, according to officials.

Police also recovered 11 illegal firearms, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, methamphetamine packaged for sale and $50,000 in cash.

Some of these dumb arse hillbillies have never heard or seen Forensic Files TV. I suppose, that these human cacti (they are a prickly bunch if you catch my meaning) will out themselves through ignorance of Science and their stupidity of circle jerking into each other’s ears instead of reading books and thinking critically.

Question: Is there a Third Reich infomercial channel somewhere on late night TV which sells all this paraphernalia to the Alt Right?