Polish Farmers Say Nie to Ukraine Farm Products

Polish farmers restarted a blockade of a Poland-Ukraine border crossing on Thursday, accusing the new Polish government of failing to guarantee it will meet their demands for financial help.

The farmers rejoined truckers at the Medyka-Shehyni crossing — hauliers are also blocking other crossings complaining about competition from Ukrainian rivals — turning the border issue into a political minefield for the new government in Warsaw.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk needs to defuse the protests while not angering the transport and farming lobbies, all while ensuring that Kyiv gets material and political support to resist Russia’s war of aggression.

Their key complaint is for the government to defend them against Ukrainian grain imports, but the specific issues they’re pressing have nothing to do with Ukraine. The farmers want corn production subsidies, a lower agricultural tax in 2024, and to keep preferential liquidity loans in place.

Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe. And Ukraine needs those exports to fuel their war.

Ukraine’s total export value fell 18.7% in 2023, to lowest in a decade - economy minister

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