Poll: 2020 Best Saul Performer

Last year I did this group thinking poll and it was incredibly accurate with AYX and TTD taking first and second place. I’m a little late but it’s still January! Which one of these Saul stocks does the community believe will have the highest returns or 2020?

  • AYX
  • DDOG
  • CRWD
  • TTD
  • ZM

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Considering the chatter on the others, and after reading about Zoom, Zoom gets my vote.

Although, I still don’t understand Coupa, and we do not talk about it much, Coupa might have should have been in the list.

Finally, I remember thinking “How in the world is Facebook going to make any money?” and “Why would it have any value to me.”

Both of those questions have been answered.

This leads me to the last and most important question. Among the leadership of the companies that we are invested in, who is the genius per the following definition?

Talent is the ability to hit the target everyone sees, genius is the ability to hit the target no one sees.

Who is the genius?

or in this group of leaders:

Who is the most genius?