Poll: Accumulation vs. Distribution

I’ve started reading this board recently. It seems that most posters here are very aggressive. This may not be the right board for me. We’re in the capital preservation distribution phase of our investment lives.

Where are you in your investment life?

  • Accumulating in or out of my pants
  • Distributing in or out of my pants.

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How about both? :slight_smile:

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or… skirt?

Yes both. Withdraw money to fund expenses but in most years the growth of the balance sheet is positive despite the withdrawals.

Hey there !

Capital preservation means don’t sell at a loss.

In that case, what you own better pay dividends.

Rich (haywool)

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Hi Puck’sFool

I didn’t know which button to push as I am in “Accumulate a lot more so that I’ll have a lot more to distribute out” mode.