Poll: GrubHub

GrubHub pulled in a massive quarter, beat expectations and are up big time on the earnings release…


Given that I don’t live in the US and to my disappointment Grub hasn’t bothered to really go international and in the rest of the world Deliveroo has beaten out Uber Eats, Food Panda and all other operators, it is hard for me to judge the uptake and dominance they are achieving in the US (or lack there of); I’m looking for a quick polling response to help me gauge where they stand.

I’ve run out of choices in the poll unfortunately but I’d love to hear from you guys:-

What online ordering/reservations/delivery methods you typically use?

Thanks in advance…

  • I mostly use GrubHub
  • I mostly use YELP
  • I mostly use Uber Eats
  • I mostly use Amazon
  • I mostly use another operator (please specify) or book direct with restaurants (please specify)

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I have to respond to this, Ant. I don’t remember if you mentioned it, or if it was a Fool article, or something else, but for whatever reason GRUB went on my watchlist a few weeks ago. The value proposition looked incredible based on their results, but I still couldn’t pull the trigger. I live in the US and other than seeing it mentioned as a possible investment, I have never even heard of GrubHub. Maybe it isn’t offered in my area…don’t know. Financially speaking, it sure looks like if the company just keeps on keeping on, the stock will do great. Sadly, I just don’t know how to make heads or tails of it.


Hi Bear - not sure if you might have heard of any of their sub brands but that is a finding in itself. I know they are city specific in their coverage…

The Grubhub portfolio of brands includes Grubhub, Seamless, AllMenus, MenuPages, LAbite, Restaurants on the Run, DiningIn and Delivered Dish.



Same as Bear. Outside of Motley Fool, never heard of Grub Hub.


I live in Chicago and order delivery far more often than I’d like to admit.

I order from GrubHub and Door Dash primarily. While both offer a very diverse and large menu of restaurants to choose from, GrubHub has a larger quantity of options. I do find that Door Dash seems to offer a more interesting set of choices, but that is purely personal taste.

It seems the two have been competing on delivery prices. Door Dash is offering many free deliveries as of late. Previously, GrubHub was offering discounts, but has changed course again.

Both perform well in terms of customer service, though Door Dash does a bit better job of keeping you aware of your order’s progress through texts. Both likely use TWLO as an aside.

I haven’t looked into these business models (specifically GRUB) and don’t have any investment related opinions. But if you want view from a customer’s perspective, fire away any questions you have.


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For food ordering, Seamless for most Manhattanites (or at least it was until 2 years ago when I left). Never used GrubHub.

For reservations, its either yelp or opentable.

Thanks Guys…

Fuma - Seamless is part of GrubHub so that’s reassuring to know they have Manhattan sewn up.

AJ - interesting to know you balance ordering across 2 apps - I had heard door dash was a competitor. Do you ever use GrubHub as a reservation platform to eat at restaurant or to self collect take or only as a delivery function?

Bear - I have mentioned it before but maybe like a year ago not recently I don’t recall so must have been some other trigger for your watch list.

Matt - thanks for the feedback!



I don’t use Grubhub or anything for reservations. My friends all use OpenTable for that purpose. Honestly, I didn’t know Grub took “resos” but I’m not the target audience either.

I also see this space as crowded and moat-less. But again, I have not looked into any of these businesses. Just speaking from a consumers view.