Poll: Is BRK immune?

Looking at 3 months charts of the companies I am watching (Highly subjective of course!) some are sideways but most are going down either in clearly visible “channels” as chart guys probably would say, or sinking like rocks.

If I am not mistaken for Nasdaq (Comp+100) Jim’s 99 day rules is fulfilled and S&P close (Hello! Wake up. Where are you when needed? :slight_smile:

Only exceptions apart from oil are McKesson, WR Berkley — and BRK! As most here agree BRK will get slaughtered too in a bear market: How much longer can BRK, apparently currently seen as “last resort”, resist?

  • BRK’s price will continue to rise.
  • This is the top. From around now on BRK will behave in line with S&P
  • It will resist/move independent another few weeks before it goes down too.
  • BRK is and will continue to be immune to the bear market.
  • Wrong assumption. This is temporary. We are not in an enduring bear market.

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