Poll: JetBlue?

Seems like they are in the news with bad news almost every day. So…are they:

  • Doing their best in a turbulent time?
  • Demonstrating that their management is incompetent?
  • Other (please comment)

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Really look incompetent. Check out what the union says:


I’ve been flying on JetBlue for at least a decade. They WERE my favorite airline. Recently, I flew from NY to Fort Lauderdale and back. Not a pleasant experience. At best, the staff was like robots. At worse, downright rude. When I filled out the survey that they sent, I gave honest polite feedback. No response. No survey for the return flight.

I KNOW that this is a very challenging time for all of the airlines. But with all of their cancelled and delayed flights, JetBlue seems to be unable to provide a good product.

Worst of all, they are projecting the image that they don’t care. In a recent incident, a plane could not land at JFK after at least three tries. They diverted to Newark, and ignored the pleas of some passengers to exit the plane. I realize that this creates problems and would inconvenience passengers who wanted to stay on the plane until it returned to JFK.

I read that JetBlue decided to compensate passengers with a $50 credit for their inconvenience. Personally, I’d tell them where they could deposit their credit.