Poll: OT: Party over?

(Sorry for before while in the middle of editing it publishing the unfinished poll. In preview mode the “Submit” button was too close to “Edit” for me.)

In 2020 I asked when the party will end (=crash), myself then expecting it to end very soon. To my surprise the vast majority answered it won’t end that year, with most saying also not the following year, but that it will go on for at least 2 more years into 2022 if not longer.

Great majority call (and me 100% wrong)!

As my gut feeling (based on rising inflation and interest rates, extreme volatility especially of tech stocks etc.) tells me again “Party over”: What’s the opinion here? Will the party end

  • Right now / already did end
  • Within the next months
  • Later this year
  • 2023
  • 2024+

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