Poll: Pivotal

Have you sold your Pivotal shares?

  • Yes, all of them
  • Yes, some of them
  • No, holding or even buying more
  • I never owned PVTL

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I was going to hold until the next quarter unless it threatened to violate my cost basis. I took it off when the price action this am looked weak for a minor gain. I will try and rebuy lower and hold through next earnings. I do think their products do fill a need for many companies.


I responded “no” but have 2/3 of my position covered by calls expiring Friday and through options, cost position is in the teens. One outstanding December put at $26, if assigned gets me shares about today’s cost.

I’ve a very different port than most of you and a 2% PVTL position with $18.35 cost even if the last put gets assigned, is not worrisome, for now. I’ll wait until another card flip but not add.


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I have a small, 100-share position I bought to watch the company just as it tanked and everyone else here was talking about bailing on them…

My cost basis is pretty low though, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. I may write some covered calls on them just to generate income while I wait for a better price to unload them at, or maybe I’ll just hold and watch.

The fact that they’re mostly owned by Dell, and can easily partner with VMWare, who seems to be partnering with AWS has me very intrigued. I think their position here could help them create a cash cow among larger corporations trying to standardize on cloud software approaches…


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I ALMOST opened a PVTL position based on how much airtime it was getting here, but decided I would wait for the “more information” of the latest earnings. Glad I waited, of course… and, frankly, I don’t need another new position – I’m struggling to figure out which of the 25 in my self-managed piece to let go of and consolidate down a little (under 20). Most are doing very well, which makes it a lot harder to consolidate.