Poll: TTD - can it be - will it be?

Dreamer sold TTD at split-adjusted $26.50, Jan 2020.
I thought it was too high then.

Stock currently at $44 after being as high as $114.

Company has grown in past 30 months, but we can be greedy in a bear/recessionary market, eh?

Jeff Green is greatest CEO, but just like in covid times, a tough economy means reduced ad spend, which he can’t control or wave away. Last time around, the stock price inexplicably went up even as business metrics declined.

What happens after this ER today after the bell?
What price may I see my beloved TTD at?

  • $26.50 - because you are the hero in this simulation, Dreamer
  • $60.00 - because of course it will run away from you. again.
  • $39.99 - this is as good as you can hope for, bro…
  • $35.00 - max pain here, me thinks.
  • $51.00 - back to mediocre land of the 50’s…not too low, not too high

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Do I have a 39…yup…39 here!

How 'bout 35…gimme a 35 heayuh!


Seems to be stuck at $38ish. I have limit orders starting at $37.08 all the way down to $32, more shares as they get lower. Only 3% cash so not much to play with.

my limit is in $29’s…


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circling back on this, the board correctly called the most recent $39 low!

However, I am stubbornly going to hold out for $26-$35. Might not get it.

And on a day like today, everyone assumes “the bottom is in” so I guess I have to wait a bit longer.


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