Poll: What percent of net worth is cash?

Here’s a different question:
How much of your total net worth is in cash or cash equivalents (checking, savings, MMFs, CDs, US Treasury obligations, etc.), as opposed to equities, corporate bonds, real estate, or tangible assets?

  • 0% to 24.99%
  • 25% to 49.99%
  • 50% to 74.99%
  • 75% to 100%
  • My entire net worth would fit in my pants.

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My 3 real estate holdings make up 90% of my net worth.


Mostly, cash stinks, especially with inflation remaining an insistant threat in both USA and my home in Mexico.

Money ought be put to work.

Real deflation, of course, makes cash “splendid!”, and I do think tech advances are strongly deflationary, but stupidity and waste and corruption waste such tech advantages almost every time.

david fb


Pretty close to zero. I have some income producing real estate, and the majority is in equities. I have a 40 year-ish investment timeline so the current downturn is less than a speed bump.