Poll: When is BRK's next all time high?

I have the all time highs at $544, 389 and $362.10.

  • After January 2024
  • On or before January 2024

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I had a quick look at how long it usually takes, starting on a random day, till the next all-time-high price is set.
Surprisingly, there isn’t as much correlation with the starting valuation level as you might expect. Some, but far from a slam dunk.
Sometimes it’s cheap for a while.
So, the simple way to look at it is to look at the averages.
Sometimes it’s a long wait till a new all time high simply because the stock was really expensive at the prior all time high.

The odds suggest:
Average wait is about 9 months since 2003 or since 2008, so the “play the odds” answer to the poll would be “on or before”.
But 15% of the time it takes longer than the 1.6 years till Jan 2024, so the conservative answer would be “after January 2024”.

Starting at this level of cheapness, the longest wait I can spot is 2.9 years starting December 2008.