Poll: worst drops for your port by %?

Which crappy point in time hurt your port (by %) the most?

I am excluding dotcom bubble and 2008/2009 recession, just to keep it more recent.

  • Dec 2018 plunge of doom
  • Fall 2019 nasty slide in growth
  • March 2020 Covid plunge
  • May 2021 super dip
  • Jan 2022 the happy new year middle finger

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I am astounded by the results of this poll.

Maybe my results are flawed because I only keep track of Friday closing results. But I do keep historical records, and I wonder if many voters are succumbing to recency bias.

Two of your choices were pimples.

Two of your choices caused me real pain. The “winning” decline – the current one – is leading by a landslide and was one of those.

The March 2020 decline was TWICE as bad for me as each of the non-complexion declines.

I’m not sure what to say except that I am astounded. My leverage has not appreciable increased or decreased between 2020 and 2022. I’m tempted to say that the poll’s results are flawed but, statistically, my n=1 is insignificant.

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I am astounded by the results of this poll.


My polls are pretty amazing, yeah.

The results.

Agreed though. Covid 2020 hit me harder than dec 2018. Both were significant impacts.

Probably recency bias combined w possibly some newer investors.