Poll: Your Favorite Cloud Play?

Cloud and Data companies are getting alot of attention. Factoring in management talent and business opportunity, which company seems the best investment opportunity to buy now?

  • Alteryx
  • Nutanix
  • Pure Storage
  • Talend

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That is a hard question!


You forgot all of the above!

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Hmm - this is a pretty narrow set of options…

I mean you could consider:
the cloud operators:- AWS, Azure and Ali Baba Cloud, IBM, google
then the software/hardware infrastructure providers:- Pure, NTAP, Dell, IBM, Nutanix, Arista, twilio
then the application desk operators:- cloudera, salesforce.com, autodesk, deskera, oracle
then the file storage players:- box, dropbox etc
then specific cloud based businesses:- Alteryx, Talend, workday, paycom, splunk, appian, atlassian, blackline, new relic, palo alto network, Imperva, Fortinet and literally a million others…

Plus all of the above.



Yeah, I was narrowing the choices of companies that I haven’t bought but since they are part of Saul’s portfolio I wanted to see what others thought are their favorites. Decisions decisions.

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ah ok - well that makes sense if that’s the parameter.

Talend is the winner! It got the least votes, and will thus prove us all wrong.