Pollution (and more?) and existing cancer cells


Research shows early cancer cells already exist in the body–but those cells are inactive.

Air pollution (and perhaps other things?) trigger the existing cancer cells into growing and spreading.


Air pollution (and perhaps other thing?) trigger the existing cancer cells into growing and spreading

Not just air pollution…and not just cancer cells.

A couple of years ago, a poster on the H&N board mentioned a book called “The First Cell” written by a haematologist-oncologist that she’d first heard about on a Peter Attia podcast…this Peter Attia podcast


Got the book from the library and, on the strength of it, took the plunge and stumped up the $$$bucks to subscribe. I’m still subscribing.

Realising how early on departure from healthy homeostasis can occur gives you a bit of insight into how and why “The War On…” cancer, heart disease and pretty much any of the chronic conditions that seem to be so resistant to the tools available are (seemingly resistant)

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Most of that has been known for years. It has been documented what the death rates are in the US around pollution.

We are in a chemical bath. Between the sun’s radiation and the chemicals are DNA is endlessly altering. It is our responsibility to minimize the chemical bath.

But at the end of the day it is just bad luck for many people if they die of cancer.

My family has very little cancer. I might take it I have fewer cancer cells in my body from family tree on both sides. But that does not mean I skate by for free.

American commercially made bars of soap and worse body washes are over 50 chemicals. The reasons are in how to get the cheap soaps to act as if they are soap. Those chemicals are not tested as a group but I am convinced they are carcinogens when used in total together.

There are plenty of products out there the main chemical is safe but grouped in the product with other chemicals the product is ultra dangerous.