Some POMO this week, which is nice.
I hope it keeps going past/below the mid-June lows, but we will see.

TTD hit a new 52 wk low, and I checked the handy CAGR calculator to confirm that I missed out on a whopping 13% CAGR over past three years (technically 2.5 years for me, as I forced myself to wait until Jan 2020 to sell) from about $27 (split adjusted) to $39 today.

Sure, I missed out on a giant 2020-2021 run up. A run which never made any sense to me.
Vindication, or my cue to jump back in?

Will wait for $32 at a minimum.


TTD might hit $32 in the next weeks, But I don´t think that NVDA will go down to $100.
It would be nice though.