Portfolio adjustment

There have been some great threads on many companies and on portfolio construction and concentration these last few weeks. Greatly appreciated. I am, unfortunately, attracted or somewhat addicted to portfolio “tweaking”, so the urge has been heightened. As a result I have already cut some of the long tail in my portfolio in order to raise cash for concentration. Gone (symbols only, sorry) are BABA, AMN, ETFC, CASH, GME, NOAH, PATK, and SPLK. On the chopping block are Casey’s General Stores and Mitek, along with trimming Sketchers, Starbucks and Hasbro. Some of the portfolio is more untouchable as part it follows (somewhat) Phoenix 1 portfolio of MF. Oh, and I’m looking to sell or reduce Priceline in favor of Facebook, somewhat in the spirit of BuyandHold and adding to what is working for me. Over a Foolish 3 year period, Facebook has been much more rewarding than Priceline. In checking other holdings I see that IPG Photonics outperformed Facebook by 15% over that time period. I hadn’t realized that…

So in what am I thinking of adding to for concentration? I’m looking at LGIH, SHOP, NVDA, SQ, TLND and KITE (with descending amounts allocated). That leaves out MULE, HDP, BL, HUBS, and others favored or mentioned on this board. Twillio, I still have a position and I’ll just leave it alone.

My seemingly compulsive posting and reading about LGIH is founded on my (relatively) large ownership and I will likely add a bit to it. The higher guidance does not capture the the sales that I think LGIH will achieve. I recognize that the limitation is more the availability of houses than the demand for them. But, they will do well and they will position themselves for new communities in early 2018.

So, my big 6: LGIH, SHOP, NVDA, SQ, TLND and KITE. My broker will love me for my tweaking.



I do a lot of tweaking also. (Hopefully not necessary in the future.) I just took Fidelity up on their 300/500 free trades promotion by switching my account to them. Boy is it nice.