Portfolio Concentration


Can you tell me what your thoughts are on portfolio concentration? Is it better to have 10 stocks vrs 25-30? If so how do you choose which to concentrate on?

I usually have to love the business and it’s long term story. Then I look at how it has performed vs the SP 500 and compare it to others I like and look at the best winners and then look to see who is at a technically good are/some kind of pullback.

I see that Saul only has about 10 stocks. I have most or all of his positions and a total of about 15. But I like another 10 or so.

Thoughts on keep adding stocks vs concentrating on my top stocks. If so how do you choose to do it.

Thanks, Paul

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Hi Paul,

A better place for this question is the Portfolio Management board:




Great response Chris, thanks. Please no more replies to this thread.

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