Portfolio divergence today

Today something happened that hasn’t happened in a long (many, many months I think) while: market down and my portfolio up.

Nasdaq -0.30%
Dow -0.40%
S&P 500 -0.35%
Russell 2000 -0.13%

My portfolio +1.33%.

I almost never see such a big difference. But my portfolio currently only has 11 positions and the top 5 make up 62.7% so a positive move of a couple of my top holdings can cause divergence when the market is down. SHOP and NVDA are my top holdings and they were up 3.9% and 2%.


Same for me. Indexes down portfolio up. I love it when that happens


Kindest regards,

For what it’s worth. Me too. Portfolio up 1.46 %

Top three: TSLA, SHOP, NVDA


Yep me too - usually my US portfolio has alpha and basically has an exaggerated performance in the direction of the index movements. Not yesterday which was good as I was getting tired of the beat down.
Shopify and Nvidia definitely helped as did Ambarella, Noah, Ctrip and Ali Baba.