Portland gets $485 million grant to rebuild black neighborhood

… some might say this looks suspiciously like “reparations”. There are lots of homeless tents in the wealthier neighborhoods that need removal.



Wait…So the money is to relocate homeless folks (move them from wealthy neighborhoods) but “say” the funds are to rebuild Black neighborhoods?

No, I’m pretty sure they’ll spend the money to improve the black neighborhood. But there will always be people saying it’s unfair that the money is going to that black community and not to their neighborhood.


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lol, 1 side of family came from Ireland, I want my reparations.

$450+ million is a lot of bucks, I bet the vultures and con men are licking their chops at the upcoming opportunity to grift a huge percentage of that pot.

( there was a Classic line in Blazing Saddles movie, “No Irish”, lmbo off at that scene. )

When did ‘no Irish need apply’ become illegal in America? - Quora