Possible Leaders of the New Bull Market

I want to thank Saul for all his hard work and dedication to teach us how to fish. I was one who back in 2017 decided to sell my stocks and buy Saul stocks because I believed in the fundamentals of how SAAS was going to give us compelling new business models.

I’ve sold all my TWLO and ZS but still have held onto every share of my AYX, TTD, and OKTA that Ive bought over the last 2 years. I’m a firm believer in finding game changing stocks and would like to share what I’ve done with my TWLO and ZS shares, because it certainly makes good conversation.

  1. I really like Axon Enterprise. Many know them as the body cam company that provide law enforcement with real time video footage. Like Roku, many people have mistakenly seen them as a hardware play. But with all the terabytes of video footage that needs to be organized and search through, their back end cloud platform is the real future money maker. This was shown by both their reaccelerating earnings and sales growth that started this quarter. They also are developing a cloud platform to organize police records and other documents. Investors have rewarded Axon as the stock jumped 25% after they announced earnings in November and really good sign for continued winning.

  2. Dexcom is part of the medical device sector that has provided leadership for this current bull market. Dexcom provides continuous glucose monitoring for Diabetics so they don’t need finger sticks to test glucose. It works with smartphone and gives alerts when action is required. See here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MRU6_GTEtg They have partnered with both Tandem and Insulet with their insulin pumps to avoid needles as well. Another company with both earnings and revenue growth. Investors has rewarded their last quarter with a 27% increase the day after earnings and has since gone up an additional 17%.

  3. Lastly another in the medical device space and recent iPO inMode. With the explosion of Instagram models plastic surgery is becoming so much more popular. This company from Israel makes RF devices that do non invasive procedures to smooth out tough areas on people’s faces and bodies to make them look younger.

Another company that’s profitable with earnings growth in the 70’s and revenue growth accelerating in the high 50’s with high margins. They ipo’d a couple months ago at 14 and with a very low pe for the growth provided and investors has jumped on the shares after last earnings report. It is now 50 a share but went as high as 58 before pulling back. Check out website here.https://inmodemd.com/

The theme is that these companies are both high growth in earnings and revenue growth. Curious if any here have kick the tires on these companies. What do you think of them? Thanks.