Post Editing Feature

Praise whomever. We can now edit our posts. There are two different options - if you accidentally press enter or see a glaring tYpO!, you can do things and the change, as I understand it, will not be publicly visible/referenced. Wait longer and you can still edit (or delete) by pressing the three dots . . . found at the bottom of your post.

For those of use who are less than jumping with joy at the total of changes in 2022, most of us will welcome the ability to edit posts.

Thank you Fueldom.


Thank you for letting us know. Good to hear that some things are better , this has been a tough learning curve for many of us and I’m still floundering. Just tried it and it works. Yay!

There are a number of new features. You can post pictures - in the row of icons at the top of the box where you compose your post, in the middle there is a box with a tiny dot and a little pointy things. (Supposed to be the moon over a mountain, I’ve been told). Click that and you can post a photo or other graphic from your computer.

Highlight some text in an earlier post, and a box with "Quote will appear by the highlighted test. Click that and the highlighted text will be copied to the composition window along with the appropriate computer jargon to tell where it came from - what poster, what thread, and a link to the post.

Post an internet URL, and you’ll often get a headline and short snip from the linked article.

So yes, there’s quite a bit of good with the very notable bad.


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Thx Peter- some useful tools to maybe? make up for a lot of confusion and gnashing of teeth. Will try your suggestions , oh I see the tool for inserting photos- that’s good info. I haven’t figured out how to add emoticons though, I only see the thumbs up for “like”- I know there are others aren’t there? Lik

The full selection of available emoticons is in the same bar with the photo icon. It’s the smiley face. Click on that, then scroll around and select an icon. A click will put in into your post.

:smiley: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :ok_hand: :black_cat: :pig: :strawberry: :ice_cube: :tokyo_tower: :stars: