Power window sluggsh/stops.

The power windows (all four) on my 2005 Chevy Equinox either do not work, or as in case of the driver’s window, move glacially slow. There don’t appear to be any physical obstructions or mechanical resistance. Fuses are all fine. The operating buttons all feel normal. Where should I look for an answer? TIA


My experience is that the window lifting cable sometimes frays or breaks.

I called a dealer who sent me to a window shop for the repair. Not a big deal. Just an inconvenience. I think they order the part from the dealer shop and have someone install it.

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I’ve seen where if unused for long periods, maybe stuck in the sun, where they can get practically glued in place. Or maybe a rivet popped loose, or sometimes a bit of silicon spray in the track can ease the load… A lot depends on the age, and how often they were used, inactivity, like us, is a killer…

A little lift, lube, but if not, the interior panels have to come off, see what’s going on…

My F150, driver’s side window had a shop wiring error, up/down was opposite of what it should have been, I cut, reversed the motor leads, fixed it, when I had it open to add trailer towing mirrors… It’s the little things…

Good luck!