Praviner's Feb-21 month end update

02/28/2021 - Month end update

Dear Fellow Fools
Please find below my Feb-2021 Month end update. Sincere thanks to Saul & fellow board members for having made a difference in my portfolio and thanks to the forum I am now addicted to the process of investing for life.


Company %
DocuSign 19.56
Zoom Video 19.16
CrowdStrike 18.46
Teladoc Health 17.95
Peloton 10.30
Datadog 8.15
Magnite 6.42

I must honestly say that I am not excited like I used to be with ZM. But I am still holding on. Might sell if the deceleration continues or a bad earnings report.

Same thoughts as ZM. My company recently sold out of DOCU contracts in favor of Adobe Sign contract since that is resulting in the enterprise saving $1 million across the enterprise. This does not leave me with a warm feeling about DOCU.

Same conviction as ZM & DOCU. Much has been said in the boards recently about TDOC and I do not want to add to the clutter.

My top conviction position. I would love to add but there are many options at this time. I will just hold my current position gladly instead of adding to at this time.

With DDOG my gains are very modest to say the least. In it for the long term and hope they had a good quarter. I am excited with the recent Azure integration & FED-Ramp certification.

This is by far the only position I am still in red even after having held them for a couple of months now. I might sell if a better investing opportunity presents itself.

A relatively new position in my portfolio. This is my first position in Ad tech and I am excited for its future after Disney contract extended for another 18 months. I started at 1% and the position grew to its current 6.42%. I might add more at opportune moment.

I am interested in the following companies (not exhaustive). So many companies I am interested to own. I realize lately I cannot own every good company.

  1. NET
  2. SNOW
  3. FUBO
  4. Lemonade
  5. Asana
  6. EXPI
  7. Fiverr
  8. ABNB
  9. SE