Praviner's March-21 month end update

04/03/2021 - March 2021 Month end update

Dear Fellow Fools

Sincere thanks to fellow Saulinians for having made a difference in my investing approach and thanks to the forum I am loving the process of investing for life. 
At this time my portfolio composition stays the same as of last month. It was gut wrenching to see my portfolio had a drawdown of 28%. This month has tested 
my resolve in the investing methodology to the brim. Due to the shared wisdom in this group, I have found it relatively easier to not make silly mistakes like 
selling on a market drop especially when there is no company specific information. But I have chosen to stay the course because I know that our stocks are 
the corner pins of modern economy. 

If we accumulate our portfolio with the CRMs of the next decade and strategically add to them during such periods of draw downs (trust me there will be quite 
a few) then we will do ourselves and our families a world of good.

When writing the reports I find that I pay closer attention to the percentage composition every month and that helps me understand if the companies deserve a
 higher or lower percentage in my portfolio. 
Please find below my March-2021 Month end update. 


Company          %
Magnite          5.98%
Datadog          8.50%
Peloton          10.93%
Teladoc          16.94%
Crowdstrike      18.24%
Zoom             19.09%
Docusign         20.32%

Last Month
Company          	%
Magnite                 6.42
Datadog                 8.15
Peloton                 10.30
Teladoc Health          17.95
CrowdStrike       	18.46
DocuSign          	19.56
Zoom Video       	19.16

Last Month update:

Companies I would love to own (a.k.a watchlist) in order (High to Low):

Snowflake - I would like to buy at current levels since this is the very definition of a recurring revenue company. Customers try out SNOW for 6 months and 
then they sign multi year contracts. SNOW also has quite a few companies with multi million year contracts. There is no limits to data usage in big data 
economy and there are no limits to growth of SNOW. I like that Frank Slootman is at the helm and I am growing confident he will put SNOW in path of success 
like Service Now. Very early days in business for SNOW.

Upstart - Ex-Google Founders. Excellent move in buying prodigy software. An amazing runway ahead in new car loans and what could happen if they enter 
mortgage loans? That could mean a couple of years of greenfield growth and excellent QoQ growth for several quarters. I see an excellent runway ahead.

Pinterest - This is a company I would love to start a position soon since I would like to get exposure to social e-commerce. Young founder with huge stake in 
business. Long runway ahead of PINS.

Cloudflare - Board favorite but I do not have a position yet and would be starting soon since they strive to make internet safer. I like the founders and they 
are interesting to hear in podcasts. Well educated in Harvard (I think) and inspiring to see their meteoric rise.

INARI - Clot fixing Medical Device company in early stages and one I would like to own (Thanks Saul!). I sometimes feel they could be an ISRG in the making. 
But the fact that they are not-SAAS tells me there are limits to their growth as another physician had mentioned in our board in his/her march portfolio 
update. There was also a mention of an exaggerated TAM.

LSPD - For me this is a company for those that missed out on SHOP. But I am yet to pay close enough attention to it. 

ABNB - This is a company that will have an excellent tail wind when COVID bids us good bye. Love that it is pure SAAS.
Companies with an intention to sell (Intentions can change at any time and nothing is set in stone and I could turn around and choose to keep it in portfolio)

TDOC - With vaccination underway and economy opening up, the hypergrowth phase is coming to an end and growth is expected to stay stable for a while. Time to 
get out. But definitely not a bad company to own.

ZM - The rapid growth has slowed down and current growth is expected to stabilize over the next year and zoom phone and onzoom will accelerate slowly. A blue 
chip no doubt.

PTON - I missed out investing in Peloton initially and my position is still underwater and that upsets me to play the waiting game especially when there are 
hypergrowth companies like the ones I mentioned above. 

It was relatively flat when it had tailwinds & now that the pandemic is on its way out, how fast can it grow? I could very well be wrong about Peloton but 
as I always think, I cannot own them all. Peloton is planning to introduce new models and that could bring in a new phase of hypergrowth.

Closing thoughts: 
When I buy a company I hope the company compels me to stay in it forever based on performance. It is more like trust but verify philosophy.

I always pay close attention to the opportunity cost of continuing to hold my current companies and not owning the watch list companies.

The very fact that I have to make a sincere effort to post to the board makes me think more systematically about my portfolio. So thanks to the mastermind 
group here. I would have never put in this effort otherwise.

I am also posting hoping fellow members poke constructive holes in my investment ideas rather than me simply looking for validation in stocks that I already 

I cannot own all good companies. 

I post in an effort to improve my portfolio performance. 

I always think about how my summaries can help myself and fellow board members.

See you guys with some portfolio updates in my April-2021 end update. 

Till then,
Happy Investing! & Fool on!