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I just came across this company that looks to be moving into the data analytics space. Other than the website, I could not find a ton of information about Preset, but am sharing what I put together here as the company seems to be going after the citizen data scientist and the growing needs for employees across organization to be able to access, analyze, and visualize business intelligence data.

Preset website: ""

For us, I think this is directly related to the markets served by AYX, DDOG, and to some extent ESTC. This could be a potential competitor and/or could highlight the growing TAM that these companies are working in. Interested to hear everyone’s thoughts.

$12.5m in funding in October 2019 from Andreessen Horowitz. I don’t know much about this VC firm, but here is a short note about the relationship: ""

Preset is built on Apache Superset, which was developed by Max Beauchemin. He worked at Lyft, AirBnB, and Facebook, among other places. According to his LinkedIn, he was served as a data engineer, which means he was tasked with developing solutions to log, store, and retrieve massive amounts of data.

Apache Superset (AS) is open source, as most Apache projects are. The software is a web-based application that and quickly and easily surface data stored in a variety of databases. This means users can use the interface to retrieve and analyze data. AS is a low code environment making it easier for non-SQL expert to retrieve and access information across various databases.

To me, this looks like a more robust version of DDOG’s dashboard, think DDOG’s dashboard with some of AYX’s analytics built in. Of course, this is one area that DDOG is likely developing as users demand a greater suite of services.

While built on the open-source Apache Superset, this looks to clearly be a standard SaaS model where Preset will build the tools and infrastructure for companies to integrate. Sure, a company can use AS without the fee for service model, but that would require a lot more technical skill and engineers.

We’ve seen this before, think ESTC and MDB. The underlying software is free, but companies are paying for the integration and ready built systems that are quickly deployed across the company.

I have no position or opinion, but I wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention.


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