PRICED IN? Google miss rumors

In 3QTD 9/17/22 (adjusted for day-of-week), ad rev has grown at a +18% 3-yr CAGR and +4% Y/Y. This is ~2pp below the three-year CAGR implied by Visible Alpha (VA) consensus for 3Q22 (+19%) and ~4pp below the implied Y/Y growth rate (+8% Y/Y).

More BS. Don’t care about rumors. Don’t care about Joe Rogan.

You didn’t get enough “BS” called-out on the BRK board, you had to come here to be called out on your BS? It wasn’t working on the BRK board, either, from what I could see.

If you’re hoping to move the stock price with your BS, the TMF GOOGL board is the wrong place. Very little traffic here.

Disregard everything you’ve posted so far.


Big mistake

Zuckerberg going on Rogan and admitting censoring doing election is a FACT.

Those are real time data on ad spending trends online. A fact.

Google exposed to both.

I own Google and BRKB in size. Another fact.

At least give some context to the BS:

Yeah…still don’t care. Not really relevant. Plus, Zuckerberg can censor anything he likes. It’s his sandbox.

Ad spends are relevant. I’ll grant that. Which is why I peruse the quarterly and annual reports.

For disclosure: long GOOGL, no position in BRK or META

You clearly do not understand the storm that is coming