Printer drum replacement

My Brother printer has indicated that I should replace the drum. I’ve been ignoring it for a while for a couple of reasons:

  1. It also said I needed to replace the toner cartridge, but I got around that and the toner has been lasting many months longer still, so I figure it might be lying about the drum also!
  2. A new Brother drum on Amazon is about $90. Expensive!

But now look at this: $15 for a drum! Am I missing something? Do you detect a scam here?

Thoughts and opinions would be appreciated before I pull the trigger and buy it.

I do. First if a price seems too good to be true, it very likely is. Second the packaging does not look like packaging on the Brother site.

Yeah, I’m going to avoid that seller. After I posted, I noticed they had tons of negative reviews.
Also, now that I click that link I posted, that cheap drum isn’t even there any more! Poof, gone!
Thanks for your thoughts.

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Many companies supply toner and drums for Brother laser printers. I have used both. They work fine. I’ve never had a problem.

If in doubt buy authentic Brother supplies. But note you can often buy a basic Brother laser printer on sale for $100 or so. Rather than pay $90 for a drum, consider getting a new printer.


Did you copy the wrong link? That seems to be the $90 one:

No, it’s the right link. But the $15 one disappeared.
There was also a prime one for $52 sold by a 3rd party but shipped from Amazon and that one disappeared also!
So I’m back to $92. YIKES!
I would consider buying a new printer instead, considering the costs, but my printer is working fine and it seems weird to buy a new one! And then learn a new one.

Well, here’s one for $25+shipping. But if you don’t need one, then not yet I suppose:

Wow, cool, thanks! Are you familiar with that store? Trustable?
How would I know when I need a new drum (besides the message on the printer, which I don’t trust)? Is there a way to tell a new drum is needed?
Thanks a ton!

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I guess if the pages I print look good, I don’t need a new drum. I guess I was just wondering if something could get damaged using a worn drum. From my Googling this question, I guess no worries. I’ll just wait until pages start looking bad.
Brother just wants us to buy more of their toner and drums.

Unfortunately, I know nothing about that vendor, but it seems legit. Emphasis on ‘seems’. Also note that this appears to be a non-OEM part, which no doubt explains the low price.

And unfortunately, I probably know less about printers - and drums - than most posting here!

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I have an HP Laserjet that worked perfect for years. For that reason when the drum ran out of powder, I just went ahead and bought the new drum from HP and it has given me no problems and thats all i wanted. HTH…doc


I’m sorry. Old man here. What the heck is a “drup”?

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I’ve had my Brother laser printer for years, and until a few days ago I would have recommended them without reservation. The manufacture date is back in 2009, and the model (HL-5370DW) is still widely available.

What changed my attitude? I chose this printer in part because it supports printing on both sides - duplex. I recently wanted to do that but could not find the option anywhere. The obvious first step was to update the drivers, and that led to the discover that there are no Windows 11 drivers, and their won’t be any. They say Windows 10 drivers might work, but if not it isn’t their problem. Their tech support sent me something that might help, but I haven’t gotten to reading it yet. It relates to getting it working from a Mac, so I’m not optimistic.

Meanwhile it prints fine, if only on the front, and I expect it will keep doing that indefinitely.

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Drum. It was a typo.

Which, by the magic of that pencil symbol you have when you look at a message you posted, can be corrected! :sunglasses:


I would if it was my post. :grinning:

Re: seems legit

Printers are often sold for near cost with profits coming from supplies like ink or toners. Thats the reason prices are high from the manufacturer.

Low cost replacements are not guaranteed but are usually ok.

Rather like men’s razors in the old days, sell the handle, make the money on the blades…