Printing (+ required text for 15 character limit)

I raised this in a couple of bugs threads but it unfortunately is ongoing.

Basically you can only print a few articles before the site stops you being able to print articles for the day. If it’s a day with 10 things you’d like to keep? Tough luck.

Can you please raise the print limit to e.g. 30-40 or remove it?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

p.s. also can you fix the character limit, I mean, the main thing people like to talk about is stocks, and stock tickers are 3 characters long…


I agree. While I never print anything, I don’t understand why there is any limit on it. Can TMF change the setting to 50 or higher, so the few people that want to print out everything be happy?

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Totally agree. The default setting seems to be max 5 prints per hour.

Not a solution, but if you disable javascript you get a layout that you can print and get something like this:


It was set to 5 per hour as an out of the box setting. We didn’t adjust it because it’s a hard one to predict - that still lets you print a lot per day but if you’re fast, you would hit the rate limit soon then have to wait an hour…and who would think to try again in an hour?

I raised it to 50 so you should be good to go.

And the character limits make sense from a conversation standpoint and aid in searching.


Thank you for raising the printing limit.

I am not sure why it exists at all, but a higher one is better than a lower one.

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