Private Equity principles applied to the new market economics of love: the $100,000 dating bounty

{{ Mr. Zaslavskiy, now 31 and an engineer at Dropbox, liked the idea so much he decided to offer his own dating bounty: $100,000 that would be paid out on a four-year vesting schedule.

“I really liked the vesting structure that start-ups have and I thought, ‘If this works in the financial world, why can’t it work in the dating world?’” said Mr. Zaslavskiy, who chose the amount after analyzing his spending and thinking through how much he wanted to invest in love.

After the first year of the relationship, the amateur matchmaker would be paid a lump sum of $25,000. Then the person would receive monthly payments of roughly $2,000 until the full amount was paid out or the couple broke up. }}

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What’s to keep two people from just sharing an apartment and collecting a couple of thousand dollars each month?


I don’t think you understood the premise here. I can’t see the article, but the way I understand it is that the matchmaker gets the $2k a month if the couple stays together. The matchmaker is a third party, not part of the couple who are “sharing an apartment”. Not only that, but one of the folks “sharing the apartment” is the person PAYING the $2k a month.


Ah. I had it the other way around – encouraging the couple to stay together.