Producer price inflation > 11%…

**Supplier Prices Rose Sharply in March, Keeping Upward Pressure on U.S. Inflation**
**Key reading of producer-level inflation rose at an 11.2% annual rate, the fourth straight month of double-digit increases**
**By Gwynn Guilford, The Wall Street Journal, April 13, 2022**

**Suppliers raised prices sharply last month, a sign inflation continues to percolate through the U.S. economy.**

**The Labor Department on Wednesday said the producer-price index, which generally reflects supply conditions in the economy, increased a seasonally adjusted 1.4% in March from the prior month, a pickup from an upwardly revised 0.9% gain in February. Producer prices rose 11.2% on a 12-month basis, compared with an upwardly revised 10.3% increase in February. That marked the fourth consecutive month with a double-digit gain and was the highest since records began in 2010....** [end quote]

Producers will be passing on these price increases to customers (and probably more if the market will support the higher prices).

All levels of money supply are increasing rapidly so inflation will probably persist until the Fed raises interest rates enough to slow the economy.