Productivity up / Work week down…
Like many companies dealing with burnout and economic stresses from the pandemic, Healthwise was struggling last year, Schor said. Six months after trialing a new system, where employees are paid for five days of work but only clock in for four, she said workers are "dramatically happier," revenue has increased, and customer satisfaction scores are "outstanding."


Schor said research indicates shorter workweeks can reduce mental stress while improving job satisfaction and productivity. European countries with shorter average work days, like France and Germany, have higher productivity than compared to countries with longer workweeks, such as the UK and Italy.


Noted conservative, movie star and director Clint Eastwood agrees.…

Addendum: Clint was in a round table discussion a few years ago with other A-list directors. The other participants described how they spent long, grueling days in post [production], working shoulder-to-shoulder with their [film] editor(s). Twelve, fourteen hour days.

Clint gets asked the same question, and says “Well, we sit down in the morning and go over shots, talk about the sequence. Then I go play a round of golf, grab something to eat, come back in the late afternoon to see how it’s shaping up. We talk some more and I give him some notes.”

The others were dumbfounded that he didn’t sit there micro-managing for twelve hours straight.