Productivity won't help inflation

That is the “supply and demand” argument, that is used to justify increasing prices to a “market clearing” level. If a car dealer can make a profit at the sticker price of a car, why charge $10,000 or $20,000 extra, other than bald faced greed?

Bald-faced greed is the basis of a capitalistic economy. Everyone is trying to maximize their profits. Not just make A profit, but make the maximum profit possible.

Sometimes the maximum profit is small. Sometimes it’s large. Every once in a while its really large. And sometimes the maximum profit is less than zero. That’s when some businesses need to go out of business.

So when cars are in short supply, the sticker price of a car is irrelevant. Come to think of it, it’s always irrelevant. The dealer gets whatever price they can from each particular customer.


Don’t the dealers consider their customers might resent the rogering they are getting? Or do they think they are entitled to every dollar they can extort from their customers?

I’m guessing the number twos have picked door number two.