Profire New Product Announcement

Looks like our friends at Profire have just introduced a new product. I’m not exactly sure what it does but it seems to fit into their strategy of building products that help gas companies manage burner systems electronically / automatically.

I’ll be interested to see how this plays out in the near future.

Long PFIE…


I read the same on PFIE this morning. Sounds good; more reliable products to help meet regulations should mean more sales for these guys. I was actually looking to confirm when they report for this quarter. I could have sworn I read today after close, somewhere. Now, I find nothing regarding their earnings report or date thereof.
I am expecting to see this burner fire back up, but resting in the fact that I know the pilot light is still lit,

If it helps at all, last year they filed 10Q on Aug 13, 2013.


In what is now their second to last press release, they mentioned that they plan to post their 10q on or before August 14th but they didn’t say anything more than that, so it should be out soon.