ProFire response/letter

ProFire issued a brief statement responding to the recent short attack along with a holiday letter to stakeholders. A link to the letter is in the article referenced by the link below.…

I’m very skeptical of seeking alpha articles when the author states that they are short the mentioned equity and then proceed to throw every possible allegation against the company. This particular one seemed to me to be a thinly veiled attempt to move the stock in the direction that benefits the author. However, I do admit to my own bias against shorts as I prefer success over failure and shorts bet on failure.



I meant to include this portion of the article…

“We’ve received a few questions recently about a disparaging online article that was published last week by a paid antagonist and short-seller of the Company’s stock. We believe most of our stakeholders know the article contains many inaccuracies, and we simply want to emphasize that we believe the best indicator of performance is performance itself. Our history shows the simple, straightforward story of Profire of disciplined growth and management to deliver long-term stakeholder value. If a stakeholder has genuine concerns about management, we invite you to report such to the proper regulatory body—not a self-serving online platform.”

Hatch concluded,

“We do not plan to publicly address this article further, and encourage stakeholders to do their own due diligence and contact us anytime with relevant, genuine questions about the Company. We will gladly discuss any concerns or questions with you.”