Protests at Columbia

Are dominating my “echo (news media) chamber”.

I was asked by a young cashier what I thought about the protests, and realized I’d not heard about any protests at “local - in Texas” schools.
I thought I’d see if there are any, or if the protests are just a problem at the “entitled elite enclaves” of moral superiority.

Google is my friend.
From the headlines:
There are protests at
UT Austin - with arrests.
Texas A&M College Station - peaceful, no arrests?
Texas A&M Corpus Christi
Rice U
U of Houston
UTSA San Antonio
U North Texas

Downtown Houston.
San Antonio blocked Valero entrance.

Lots of other schools not named Columbia.

Setting up tent encampments on school grounds, seems to be popular.

I did NOT find any protests at community colleges.

Macro connection:
It’s 10 o’clock, do you know where your children are?

ralph in his little corner of calm, wasn’t aware of the disturbance in the force.

In Texas, I was also unaffected by the excitement of the 60s.

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What are the protests about?

The Captain

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Columbia has finally grown a pair.


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“We will not be moved except by force.”

Their wish has been granted!

The Captain


Heard on the news today:

This police action coincided with the 56th anniversary of a similar intervention to disband a student occupation of Hamilton Hall, which was then a protest against racism and the Vietnam War in 1968.


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