Unusually quiet today.

I see PSIX trolling way down around $61…any change in their business to account for such a big drop? I didn’t see any negative news in the press releases (really?) and next earnings isn’t until Aug 7th, so prior to worrying or buying, I’m interested in finding out if anyone knows if something substantial has happened and I missed it.

UBNT is also at a nice price, below $41. I know there’s good news here so it might be time to expand that position.


I picked up some UBNT today for $40.84. I hate shopping in malls but on the contrary this is a sale I couldn’t pass up. :slight_smile: I paid $45.69 just a week and a half ago.

I have a concrete reason for loving this company–our wisp uses the UBNT equipment and recently updated us to Airmax

We had an old UBNT dish and radio and it was failing miserably. it had been in place about two years. We couldn’t get even Netflix to stream early this summer. netflix is my bellwether for how bad our streaming capacity is since they have the lowest quality signal and will stream when HD services like HBO, Showtime and Starz will only buffer.

So I knew that we were on a rapid decline into dialup quality when NFLX failed to stream and finally access to the internet failed completely.

At that point I called the wisp and they said my radio was off and they couldn’t see a signal. That was of course the Memorial day weekend and service is slow at the best of times. I fully expected to be SOL for at least a couple of weeks. We live even further out than the middle of nowhere.

Imagine my surprise when the excellent service guy showed up on Tuesday late at 7PM. He was pretty informative–all of the UBNT dishes and radios were failing and had been for some time. He brought us a brand new AirMax and put it up on the highest roof we have and viola! Everything works and all sites stream without buffering.I love UBNT.


You have been holding out on us. All this time you had UBNT equipment and you were acting like you didn’t even know what it was. My last feeling has been hurt. :slight_smile:



Glad to hear about the good service but am bothered by the fact that “all of the UBNT dishes and radios were failing and had been for some time.” What’s up with that? Is this a quality control issue, or a goldmine of recurring revenue through planned obsolescence, or …? Two years seems a short lifespan for electronic components.