PSTG, NVDA, ANET AIRI reference architecture

I think this may be more detailed than the architecture I had seen before. You have to register to download the .pdf.

For the “full” AIRI (not the Mini), it mentions 2 switches with 32 100-gig and 1 more switch with 48 100-gig Arista ports…so that is right around $250,000 if I am remembering the $3k each price point. 4 NVDA DGX-1’s and a Flashblade from Pure with 15 17 terabyte blades. From that, it seems that the hardware split may be relatively close to even between the 3 companies…of course, the recent releases mentioned use of Cisco switches rather than Arista.…

Long NVDA about 25%, PSTG about 9.5%, & ANET about 6%

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