PSTG: partnership with Veeam…

Veeam® Software, the Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ innovator, and Pure Storage (PSTG), the all-flash storage platform that helps innovators build a better world with data, today announced a powerful new integration between Veeam Availability Platform™ and Pure Storage FlashArray to deliver business continuity, agility and intelligence for the modern enterprise. Integrating the cloud-friendly storage capabilities of Pure Storage FlashArray with Veeam Availability Platform makes each solution even more valuable to joint customers in today’s digitized world…


I had never previously heard of Veeam.

Looks like they’ve put this partnership on their homepage and are really touting this partnership.

1 + 1 = 3
Pure Storage + Veeam
Better Together

#1 Availability for Pure Storage
NEW Pure Storage Integration Available

They also have some customer review videos on that front page, it appears.

And at the bottom, they have logos of their Global Alliance partners: Cisco, HPE, NetApp, VMWare, Microsoft, and Dell EMC

They also have a partner product with Nutanix.

They claim to be the market leader for availability…and have a net promoter score of +73.


I had never previously heard of Veeam.

The reason we’ve never heard of Veeam is that they are a privately held company.

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The reason we’ve never heard of Veeam is that they are a privately held company.

With them putting out these press releases, perhaps they plan to eventually become public.

$827M of revenue (bookings in their parlance) for 2017:…

37 straight quarters of double-digit revenue growth:…

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Also, Veeam is listed as #27 on this list (not sure the ranking criteria).

I’ll note that recent IPO ZScaler (mentioned several times by DreamerDad) is listed at #13.
Qualtrics, which stood out to me on a list of possible 2018 IPOs that I saw late last year, is listed at #6.

Some folks on this board and over on NPI may have to take a close look if Qualtrics files an S-1.

Also, Dropbox is #2 on there, and they IPO’ed a few weeks back. I haven’t looked closely, but their business model doesn’t seem very compelling to me.

Could be a number of decent future public companies to consider investing in from that list.


Veeam also partners with HPE, Lenovo, and others.

This is good for Pure. Just pointing out it isn’t a differentiator in teh market:

Veeam is well known in IT channel land, and with most clients that operate in IT for their companies.

They compete largely against CommVault.

I am surprised Veeam hasn’t/didn’t go public yet. They are still a “hot” new-ish thing as virtualized backup, but they were even more of a big new thing a year or two ago.……


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Veeam … compete largely against CommVault.

Ugh, while CommVault is showing its age, most companies using it won’t fund efforts to switch away. There needs to be a tangible ROI for the time and effort to switch. Even for new jobs, the overhead of having two backup programs isn’t often worth the advantages of having just one program everywhere.

Now, if Veeam is 10X better than CommVault they’ve got a good shot. But I suspect they’re not close to an order of magnitude better.