Pull your drawers down daily


Here in Mexico I buy raw washed cacao beans by the kilo and eat occasionally mixed with nuts (yumyum bitter chocolate flavor), and also pan roast them into stunningly intense unsweetened and unprocessed chocolate I use in desserts. Yums and health together!!

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Coffee n cars are similar in that both move me.



One of mom’s pillows in her kitchen, “Men, chocolate and coffee the richer the better”.

I am in Starbucks currently. No coffee, I am a decaf man if I want to sleep. SB’s decaf is 13% caffeine. I can not drink that I will be up all night. I just pooped. The smell of coffee is a laxative.

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Don’t mean to poop on your guys’ parade but I don’t think using laxatives (natural or otherwise) is going to help with dementia. The article suspects that it is the type of gut bacteria present that links constipation with mental decline.

Forget laxatives. Eat stuff that supports the right kind of bacteria in your intestines. Eat fermented stuff like yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut, though I suggest not at the same time. In fact, eating those at the same time is probably a sign of dementia. One of the best foods for your gut is a Japanese fermented soy bean dish called Natto. It is pretty disgusting (an acquired taste?) so you really have to want to live to eat it.

Should also know that there is some evidence that regular laxative use is associated with higher risk of dementia, though this could just reflect the correlation between constipation and mental decline.



I like Natto but can not regularly get it. It is known for K2 MK7.

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Not to poop on your post, but which of us said that laxatives help with dementia?

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This week I made pork and sauerkraut stew. Turned out pretty good.

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My GP recently retired, and we got shunted to another in the practice, a young whipper-snapper, probably about 40 :wink:

One of the things he says is he recommends this exact product (Metamucil powder drink) to everyone, regardless of age, and almost regardless of condition. He said one of the primary problems people have is the train not moving regularly through the station, causing intestine problems, diverticulosis, and more. He says it’s one of the easiest and cheapest forms of prevention available.

He brought it up, I think, because I have an aortic aneurysm near the spine, and should it pop I’m done. (Think John Ritter, kind of). Straining to poop is probably a very bad idea for me especially, and for anyone else regardless of whether they have this particular issue or not.

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I see what you did there.


For those who never saw “Road To Wellville”, one of the things Dr Kellogg advocated was cleaning people out with a series of enimas, then putting yogurt in, to start a new bacteria colony. The tail end of the trailer touches on that.

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Well, you gotta go sometime.

StoP mE befOrE I kiLL aGaiN.

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Older friend of mine is an EMT in a local valley town. He describes finding old pharts on the toilet straining and dead. He is serious. The halo he says is a ring of an artery around the brain, it can pop as well.

What do preschoolers and seniors have in common?

Both groups spend a lot of time talking about poop.


My dad, who’s a little over 80 now, only considers doctors that are around 40 years old. That’s because he’s tired of outliving doctors or having them retire on him. For each specialist he says “I want him to be my last doc in the field.”