Pure Storage, a dedicated Thread

“ We’re building a massive amount of infrastructure. At the end of this year, we’ll have ~350k Nvidia H100s – and overall ~600k H100s H100 equivalents of compute if you include other GPUs” - Zuckerberg

Maybe Pure will also get some new orders this year to support Meta’s build up in their AI infrastructure. At least that’s what the market is hoping for I guess… (+5.3% today) - TSMC earnings results also help.

If their performance enhancement + lower energy cost vs other storage solutions like hdd/ssd is as great as they say, it should show up in their revenues over the coming year.


Pure Storage (PSTG) has had a pretty good January.

Jan. 3: +5.4% move up on the news that it will join the S&P Mid-Cap 400. (Yahoo)

Jan. 16: Press Release from the company showcasing a use case in LATAM:

With Pure Storage, Adistec Transforms Latin American IT While Cutting Hardware Costs up to 80% with Evergreen//Flex

Jan. 18: KeyBanc raised their price target from $40 to $43 and kept an overweight rating (Yahoo).

They will report on 2/28.

I have a 13% position.



With Pure Storage ($PSTG) running laps around everything else in my portfolio today, I went looking for some news. I don’t know why I didn’t get these releases in my email, but this is from yesterday. The headline cuts off at the amount of reduction in the Data Center footprint, which is 85%.

Making a similar point was this from March 26:

Apart from being good news, I think it’s also showing where the pain points are now that all eyes are on Data Centers.

Long $PSTG 14.4%


** “Embracing Pure Storage’s all-flash portfolio over legacy tape was a strategic slam dunk for our organization. It goes beyond a mere transaction; it’s a genuine partnership that has not only elevated our performance but also ensured the longevity of our critical IT systems. Pure Storage has become an integral part of our success story, providing a robust foundation that aligns with our goals for the long haul” – Andy Marosi, Sr. Manager, Infrastructure & Operations, MPI**

I didn’t even realize there were still people using tape storage. That is crazy.



I believe long term archive storage (infrequently or rarely accessed) still use tape because it has a longer shelf life than other media, up to 50 years. That staying power comes from its high capacity, low cost per megabit, and durability. BTW My first job out of college was to program a device driver for a storage cassette tape…sigh…that was a long time ago. Whereas, HDD and Flash memory shelf life is ~5 years. CD/DVD is ~10 years. So this kind of explains why old microfiche storage is still around for property and legal records. For all the people who store their precious family pics in the cloud, will they still be there in 50 or 100 years from now? You need to think about this.