Putin cries for help

Belarus held a referendum today, seeking approval of several constitutional changes. One change is abandonment of their pledge to remain non-nuclear. Another change was abandonment of their official neutral status.

Not surprisingly, the referendum was approved.

Belarus referendum approves proposal to renounce non-nuclear status - agencies

The agencies cited the Belarus central elections commission as saying 65.2% of those who took part voted in favor. The result came as little surprise, given the tightly controlled rule of President Alexander Lukashenko.


So, how long will it take for Belarus to act on it’s abandonment of neutrality? Not long, apparently.

US official: Belarus may join Ukraine invasion

WASHINGTON — A senior U.S. intelligence official says Belarus is expected to send troops into Ukraine as soon as Monday to fight alongside Russian forces that invaded Ukraine last week.

Belarus has been providing support for Russia’s war effort, but so far has not taken a direct part in the conflict.


The population of Belarus is already restive. Now, with half the standing Russian army, and elements of the Belarusian army all in Ukraine, will the Belarusian people have another go at Lukashenko?