Putin’s Energy Embargo/Increased EU Polari

Today’s news articles:
As winter approaches, cracks in the West’s support for Ukraine are starting to show.

The participants at this rally in Berlin late last month weren’t flying the Ukrainian colors, but those of the breakaway Kremlin-backed republics of Luhansk and Donetsk. The target of their dark warnings was not Russia, but the United States.

“A clear line has emerged in recent years with a permanent destruction of democratic rights and a march towards fascism,” Klaus Hartmann, a leader of the socialist Freethinkers League, told his audience, lamenting that Germany had become little more than a “vassal” of the U.S. on Ukraine and other fronts. “These two republics have the same rights NATO claims for its own clientele, namely the free choice to choose their alliance.”

It would be tempting to dismiss such sentiments as the ramblings of the political fringe (especially since the gathering in question was organized by Germany’s small Communist party). But as the war in Ukraine drags on and Europeans increasingly feel the burden of higher energy prices and a slowing economy, the fringe is rapidly creeping toward the center.

A day or two ago I posted about 70,000 Czechs protesting in Prague about high energy prices & NATO/Western support for the Ukraine.

Cheers and applause greeted far-right Sweden Democrats (SD) leader Jimmie Åkesson as he addressed a boisterous pre-election rally in the southern port city of Helsingborg.

Sweden’s election on September 11 is shaping up to be a unique vote in the Nordic state’s history. For the first time, a far-right populist party has a realistic shot at securing serious clout over key policy areas including immigration and policing.

Crucially, SD now also has mainstream allies with the potential to dislodge the Social Democrats from power.

Should we surprised at such developments in Europe?
No. This winter the economic impact on Europe’s citizen’s pocketbooks & comfort as they turn down thermostats has arrived.
And human nature has not changed. You may remember learning about Thomas Paine in the US revolutionary war period. He wrote about “Summer Soliders & Sunshine Patriots”. “These are times that try men’s souls.”

I suspect now charges of traitorous behavior, collaboration, Quislings will be leveled at the protesters.

And we must consider that there were people that likely never were in support of the EU support for the Ukraine. We must remember the loyalists during our revolt. While a minority they were a significant number of them. Many fled back to Great Britain or Canada due to persecution by revolutionary supporters.

It will be interesting times in the EU this winter. Higher inflation & higher increased energy prices (compared to the US) will hit the EU.
Benchmark European gas prices at the Dutch TTF hub have risen by nearly 350 per cent year on year, while German and French front-year power contracts have leapt by 540 per cent and 790 per cent respectively.