Putin's Advisor Warns Russians Criticizing W

How would you like to be “Putin’s” spokesman at this time in History? Peskov had better have a Plan B on how to run from Russia and go into exile on purpose.

Newsweek headline: Putin’s Spokesman Warns Russians Angry at War: ‘Very Thin Line’

Isabel van Brugen - 9h ago


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman issued a stern warning to Russians angry at the ongoing war in Ukraine, as the country continues to suffer setbacks as a result of Kyiv’s successful counteroffensive.

Pro-Kremlin Telegram channels must be “very careful” when criticizing the Russian Defense Ministry, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters at a news briefing on Tuesday.

Peskov was responding to questions from reporters about pro-government Telegram channels openly criticizing the defense department amid Ukraine’s counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region, which has seen Kyiv recapture swathes of its territory, forcing Russian troops to retreat.

VERY interesting times!

What do we have coming?

  • A quiet retreat from Ukraine?

  • Nuclear war? Chemical war?

  • Putin steps down? Assassinated?

  • Years of a war of attrition?

Some combination of the above?

I surely don’t know. But I wonder if Putin will order chemical or nuclear attack… and the military refuses? Dunno. And if nukes DO fly, how does the world react?

Just. wow…

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The memories of fourteen dead Russian Generals must spook his military officers walking a razor’s edge of nerves. If you’re a high-ranking member of the military, how do you communicate your awareness of Putin’s Disaster to peers you don’t know you can truly trust?

How about certain corrupt military higher ups who are being accused of stealing money meant for the military, stolen funds which ended up buying them homes overseas and the finer things in life? People falling out of windows, people dying from poisons, people falling off boats, car bombs, etc. Paranoia is going to send someone over the edge to get Putin before he gets them.

All these poor kids rounded up from former Ukraine provinces under Russian control, all needlessly thrown into the maw of this dangerous narcissist’s war, a sicko who spits them out and who doesn’t look back. Their parents, wives, relatives, and friends back home are checking daily to see who from the village may have died needlessly last week. The truth is hitting home. Hard.

Psychopath Putin is not a garden variety sociopath. The man is an ice cold killer. My bet is someone from within forces him aside. If he’s offered a “deal,” he had better jump at it before the Russian people give him a warm goodbye similar to Ceausescu’s in Romania.

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