Putin's arrest warrant

I found this analysis rather interesting. I like less government but the world is moving to consolidation, from wandering clans of hunter gatherers to nation states to federations and unions. Toward the end of the presentation the author cites some practical benefits the International Criminal Court (ICC) has achieved in lessening certain abuses against mankind. Maybe there is a valid reason to have an ICC.

The Hidden Consequences of Putin’s Arrest Warrant from the International Criminal Court

The Captain


“News” reporters crack me up. What do they think they will be told when they ask passers by on Moscow streets what they think of Putin and his war.

Karadžić went to prison. Milosevic went to prison. Ceaușescu was executed. I’m sure they all thought they were untouchable at one time too.


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If there is a revolution in Russia Putin might be happiest to be handed over to the ICC. The Russian people wont be so kind.

Russian dictators go to war expanding the territory to avoid being killed at home. He was never comfortable or sitting on his laurels.

If Putin goes into exile to escape a revolution we will reach him and leave no finger prints.