Puzzle: What company is this?

Can anyone guess what company this is?


 q115    q215    q315    q415    q116    q216    q316    q416    q117
$26.3   $30.7   $37.5   $39.5   $50.9    $99     $157    $256.1  $265.2
                                 93.5%   222.5%  318.7%  548.4%   421% 

EPS Basic

 $.05    $.03    $.02    $.06    $.06    $.12    $.24    $.44     $.44
                                  20%     300%   1100%   633.3%   633.3%

Cash Q117 =$388.7M Debt=0



Is that Chinese company MOMO?

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Excellent qwsong, you got it right. MOMO is a Chinese company that is an RB recommendation.


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One more thing. MOMO has been FCF positive since Q115. That is the farthest I went back.


Off the top of my head, no, but call me interested.

Didn’t see the responses before my response, but I searched for the at Q1 2017 revenue and found it. I have a call position as of last week as a means of possibly entering a position in MOMO.

As a Chinese company, Saul is staying away.

If I could find out a way to short some bubble or combination of bubbles in China (without including major companies like Alibaba, which go up a lot despite some questions about accounting, etc.), I would do it. China is riddled with bubbles ready to pop. [The Canadian housing market, too.]

Actually, since a lot of the bubbling in China could be with companies too big to fail, the Chinese government or some international consortium might take action to keep too many bubbles from popping too much. But that’s not as easy as it was in 2008, and an expensive bailout would have deeper and more dangerous consequences that it did back then.